Apple Without Him

Apple without Him

If he only had invented the PC, this innovative invention would be enough. It would be enough too if he was the first person to release into the market the first PC with a mouse and a windows based operating system (Macintosh), or simply helped to deliver “cartoons” like “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo” through a company called Pixar, or simply if he created the the most perfect user – music / video interaction with the iPod / iPhone / iPad and iTunes, it would have been enough. He did it all. He reinvented entire industries - from music to phone passing through movie animation, softwares, education, television and literature. Some specialists dare to compare him to anyone else than Thomas Alva Edinson (a person who Steve Jobs admired very much) just like Randall Stross from the New York Times wrote
“The broad outpouring that has followed the death of Steve Jobs reminds me of the display of grief following Edison’s death. In both cases, their passing evoked an extraordinary public response, tributes that were greater and broader than those paid to many a head of state.”
Jobs is so famous for his genius as by his manias. In recent years, always introduced himself wearing the same outfit: jeans, a black shirt and sneakers. He was a reclusive person. He did not like to be interviewed. His perfectionist personality is expressed on the products he conceived. In early 2000, he held the first release of the iPod for months, until they found an ideal solution for the command button. The result was the invention of the click wheel touch that marked the decade.
Apple was created as a company which relies on a unique culture. What many see as the fuel of delirium, Steve Jobs saw as a company driven by constant innovation that have always launched features that competitors have not thought about creating,   and doing it always with impeccable quality.
Jobs's own words, used to describe the first Macintosh were “Not just great, but insanely great”. Maybe...