Ao3 – Research Methods

AO3 – Research Methods

For my research I decided to use two primary and one secondary methods of research.   The three methods of research are as follows:
    o Questionnaires
    o Interviews
    o Media – TV


I have chosen to use questionnaires as a form of research because my topic can be a sensitive subject for many people, by providing a questionnaire some participants will find it easier to fill in the information as there will be no need to disclose any names.
I have also stated at the top of the questionnaire that the information will be kept anonymous and will only be shared with the people needing access to it.   This will help make the participant feel more at ease when filling in the questionnaire considering they are sharing their personal information.
The questionnaires are my first primary method of research.   This is a primary method of research because it is directly asking the person questions on a particular topic I will personally receive answers.   There will be a lot of time and effort put into deciding on the appropriate questions to be used as the information that is collected needs to be straight to the point and clearly be focused on the topic.   The questions will also consist of a range of answers where I will give examples and then have the option of “if other, please state” This will allow me to get a range of answers from the participants.   I will use both open and closed questions throughout my questionnaire which will mean I will get a greater variety of answers but specific as well.
Questionnaires however, are reasonably easy to distribute, and collect in and collate. Questionnaires are cost effective as they are not overly expensive to produce compared to interviews. For example for some research it is necessary to get a guest speaker who specialises in the topic and you might have to pay for travel expenses and for accommodation.   The questionnaires will be the same and this will prevent any bias or...