Anti Semitism

Anti-Semitism has been showed for so many periods of history, anti-Semitism is when hostility is shown towards Jews just because there Jewish.
A prime example of anti-Semitism is the massacre at York, hundreds of Jews were killed when they were locked in the wooden tower (Clifford’s Tower) and set fire to. All that suffering just because they were Jewish
this is cruel and inhumane, there still human beings with feelings!

Jews have been persecuted for lots of reasons one of them being because the Catholic Church told people it was the Jews who killed Christ, but Jesus was Jewish himself so why would they kill someone of their own faith!

Another reason was economics Jews had lots of success as money lenders in the
Medieval times and later as merchants and because of this the people of Europe thought the Jewish were trying to take the economy and the world’s government!
The final reason for killing them was down to racial theories which were white people were superior and Jews were treated as vermin.
Nazi Germany is a name referring to Germany during the 2nd world war.
Hitler disliked the Jews as he was anti-Semitic and also Hitler blamed the Jews for the collapse of Germany in WW1.
The Holocaust was going on at that time (WW1). The holocaust was when the Nazis killed around 6 million Jews and aimed genocide of their complete race!

In an interview with a survivor of the holocaust (Charlotte Guttmann) she states
‘the holocaust was an awful thing they treated us like dirt and gave us no respect..’. I think you’ll agree with me this sounds truly terrible.
Some Jewish people forgave Hitler and the Nazis because the religion tells them to forgive. But most with never forgive them for the trauma they caused they relatives.
I myself think the hostility shown towards the Jews is despicable and just because they believe different things we shouldn’t treat them the way people do and have done in the past.