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Quotes and Summaries for A Nation of Wimps
Summary 1: pages 1-66
Parenting has been redefined in our society today. In the generation before me, children learned through experience. They were given the freedom to explore and take risks to learn more about themselves. In society today parents are creating what might be considered to be “designer” children. Parents are able to create what could be thought of as a “perfect” childhood. But a childhood without failure or sadness isn’t actually ideal at all. People learn from the mistakes they make throughout their lives. They learn that even though you made a mistake it’s ok to admit it and move on, but someone who has dealt with perfection their entire life may believe that it has completely ruined their chances at a goal that they have. For example, not getting an A in a math or science class could prevent them from getting into the college of their dreams in the future and so that dream is shattered. But more and more parents are beginning to see their child as more of a “product” or a “project” rather than a living and breathing human being. They get the chance to live vicariously through the child, sort of like life a second time around. They can make decisions that they regret not making in their own life for their child. But by not allowing the child to experience a bad decision, you take away a chance for a good learning experience that might help them later in life. Mental Health Problems are on the rise at universities in the U.S. , more and more students are cracking under the pressure of handling both school and the challenges that occur in daily life. When applying for college these “hothouse” parents ensure that their child comes across great on paper but they aren’t really to operate alone. College is supposed to be a place of exploration, a safe environment to learn both academics and discover who you are and who you want to become. Decisions like what you may want to major in should be your choice but...