Angles with Wings

Every time a Bell Rings an Angle gets its Wi
ENG 225
Hazar Shehadeh
November 11, 2012

The film that I chose is “Every time a bell rings an angle gets its wings” Its from the movie it’s a wonderful life. It’s a typical story of good things happen to good people. The main character in this clip is George Bailey played by James Stewart, Donna Reed played by Mary Hatch, ZuZu the daughter played by Karolyn grimes. Clarence Odbody the garden angle played by Hendry Travels. It’s a story about a man who has given up his dreams in order to help other people. His attempt to commit suicide on Christmas Eve Shows George just how important he really is and what he really means to everyone. His Garden Angle Clarence is the one that shows George all the lives his has touched. Clarence is the angle who is brought down to show Georgia all the lives he has touched and how different things would be if he was not ever born. Clarence shows these things to George before he gets his wings. When the bell ring in the scene it is actually letting you know that Clarence has just gotten his wings. “The original story “The Greatest Gift” was written by Van Doren Stern in November 19, 1939”. (Sullivan, Daniel J) “The contention that James Stewart is often referred to as Capra only choice to play George Bailey is disputed by film historian Stephen Cox who indicates that Hendry Fonda was in the running”.(Sullivan, Daniel J)” At the suggestion of RKO studio chief   Charles Koerner, Frank Capra read “The Greatest Gift” and immediately saw its potential”. (Sullivan, Daniel J)   RKO anxious to upload the prodject in 1945 sold the rights to Capra’s production company Liberty Films, which had a nine-film distribution agreement with RKO for $100,000 and threw in three scripts for free “. (Sullivan, Daniel J) The movie was directed by Frank Capra. The job of a director is in charge of an activity department organization. (Wikipedia) It was produced by Frank Capra the screen play was by...