Ancient Astronauts

Martino Baltiero

Informative Speech Outline

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the Ancient Astronaut Theory and show examples to back up the ideas.

I. Open with impact: Some people like to ask questions about the origins of our ancestry, and I am one of those people.
II. Thesis: Scientists and theorists point out reasons as to why extraterrestrials could have had a large influence on our ancient cultures, architecture, and shaping of mankind.
III. Connect with audience: You should want to know that there are people who are legitimately trying to tie together all the lose ends of our past, and many of those ends begin with the sky.
IV. Preview: The Ancient Astronaut Theory is bulded around past events that suggest that certain cultures were possibly influenced by these other-worldly creatures, whom helped build structures that seem too extravagant for primitive man to have developed, and the possibility of tampering with early breeds of human.


I. Which cultures show great signs of alien influence?
A. In ancient Egypt, other-worldly Gods were mentioned in writings and futuristic concepts shrouded The Great Pyramid.
1. "He was depicted as sailing across the sky in a celestial barge..." ("Ra" 1)  
2. The greatest mathematical expression of The Great Pyramid is Pi and Pi was not theoretically calculated until Archemedes did so sometime throughout 200 BC. (Smoller p. 2)
B. Artifacts found in southern Mesopotamia, where Sumerians were said to hail from, depicted interesting beings and new ways of thinking.

Transition: Now, aside from particular cultural influence, there are vast structures in which early people might have been given a little help building.

II. Structures that are almost difficult to erect now were built as long as thousands of years ago without proper tools or equipment.
A. It is hard to imagine how ancient humans could have managed to construct these monolithic landmarks....