Anatomy P6

(1) Interpret the data obtained by explaining why you obtained each result. Discuss any difference you may observe between the results of individual students.
My graph shows that the pulse rate increases during exercise but after exercise has stopped the heart rate slowly decreases and gradually stops to a normal beat of 60 – 100.
The pulse rate is slower because the heart is not pumping fast to get the blood around the body and the pulse rate will keep decreasing till it reaches a normal rate. From the results I have obtained it shows that male resting pulse rate is faster.
(2) What happened to the heart rate during exercise and why?
During exercise the heart rate was very fast this is because moving muscles require more oxygen and glucose from the blood the faster the muscles lose energy then the faster the heart pumps to take blood .
(3) What happened to the heart rate after exercise and over the seven minute period and why?
During the seven minute period the heart rate began to decrease slowly this is because the muscles do not require as much energy, oxygen and glucose while resting as they do exercising. The muscles begin to relax and the heart rate gradually slows down.
(4) How can the experiment be extended or improved?
The experiment can be extended by increasing the time of exercise that each person does. For example when we did the exercise we did it for 3minutes to extend it we should do it for 7 and record the pulse rate 11minutes after exercise.
(5) Comment on the ‘recovery time’ how does recovery time relate to fitness of an individual, what might be done to improve fitness.
A heart that is healthy will recover at a quicker rate than one that is not healthy or is not used to regular exercise. The recovery period can indicate fitness level and give an early warning of potential heart problems.

(6) Comment on the accuracy of your results. If your results were not accurate suggest why this is so.
I don’t think my results were...