Analyze This

analyze this
Analyze This is a comedy made in 1999 concerning a stressed out gangster known as Paul Vitti who needs a Shrink. The opening scene shows Paul and his best friend Dom eating dinner at an Italian restaurant talking about business and threats to their mafia led by Paul Vitti.. The FBI agents were using spies, now new Mafias are showing up everywhere. After the conversation they walk outside and Vitti goes back for a toothpick. Just as he walks back through the door, men from another Mafia drive by fire shooting at everyone outside the restaurant. Paul Vitti was not harmed at all but Dom was killed.
The once unemotional italian killing machine could no longer hold back a tear. Vitti's bodyguard, Jelly, happened got into a car wreck earlier that day with a psychiatrist, named Ben Sobel. Jelly suggests to Vitti to go see this psychiatrist because he can’t look or act weak to other mafias.
Ben is soon to be wedded to a news reporter, in Florida. The next day Benl is in the middle of a session with a woman until the criminal Paul Vitti comes in and pays off the other woman.   Ben recognized Vitti from a news report. Vitti used his intimidation knowing Ben would never take Vitti as a patient so he forced him too. They begin talking in an unwanted session. Throughout the entire conversation Ben tried to seem useless to Vitti but it fails. Vitti feels better about himself already, and tells Ben that he will continue to see him as a psychiatrist.
Ben and his fiance travel to Florida to have a gorgeous wedding and honeymoon. But then Vitti shows up and then tells Ben that he is a bad psychiatrist because his relief lasted even less than twenty-four hours. Vitti then continues to find Ben many times no matter what the location or time of day. It was obvious to Ben that Paul was going to do something at the wedding and did his best to prevent that.
On Bens wedding day hitman enter Vitti's hotel room, Jelly disarms the hitman and in doing that saves Paul...