Analyse Different Ways in Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Your Learners, Which Underpin Behaviour and Respect for Others.

Assignment 1-T4

T4 – Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.
Recommended word count: 250-350 words.
Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers – “The ground rules are a contract that the class had created together to be applied for the duration of the course. The contract promotes discussion as it is based on the value of a mutual respect.
Alan Mortiboys – “Ground rules specify acceptable behaviour for learners on a course. There   are different approaches to dividing ground rules for a course and give learners the chance to take some control over the rules and to collaborate with other learners and to take into   account   the needs of other learners. In this way the process of agreeing rules not only gives clarity about what everyone may expect but also increases motivation and the potential for collaborative learning.”
Good classroom management depends a lot on how you establish the ground rules at the beginning of a course. Students need to know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you during the course. They need to know where the boundaries lie and what will happen if they step over the boundaries. There are many different ways to go about establishing the ground rules of a classroom. Here are just a few simple ideas.
Happy face Vs Sad face
Divide the board into two and put a smiley face and a sad face at the top of the two columns.
Have the ideas clear of what is needed in the columns beforehand; you can adapt them according to the students’ contributions but the teachers should know their own ground rules before going into the class. Give students examples of types of behaviour, and as a group decide which column to put them in.
The teachers should display the ground rules on a poster on the wall so they can refer to them later. Groups could be asked to make the posters. Discuss with the class about what will happen if these ground rules are...