Analyse Different Ways in Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Your Learners, Which Underpin Behaviour and Respect for Others.

Level 4 theory assessment
Question 4

Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

All teaching organisations have rules and these can be enforced through different means enabling both teacher and student knowing exactly where each party stands and what is expected from each other. They need to know where the boundaries lie and what will happen if they step over the boundaries.

Organisation & Teacher led ground rules
All educational organisations have their own ground rules which could cover some H & S or data protection policies for its own organisation, this is good for the teacher and student knowing how the organisation/course runs.

Teacher led ground rules could be the question and answer policy that the teachers wishes to be implemented during each lesson, or being on time or making noise in the class and having its own code of practice within the classroom. These rules could also be sent as part of a pre course package or a task to the candidate to become familiar with before commencing. Finally, this can be a useful tool when enforcing discipline as it allows little room for redress.

Impact on students
These types of rules seem autocratic and authoritative by the teacher and not particularly liked by the student. It proves to have little flexibility and it’s not respected by most students. This could seem as a challenge to some ill disciplined or over lively students and make teaching a challenge.

Learner defined rules
These types of rules are led by students who, with a little authority, could increase the student’s contribution. These rules could be conducted in some kind of discussion led group, allowing the students to work out their own rules amongst themselves. This allows room for errors on the proviso that they do not get ahead of themselves and yet still manage to maintain the required standard/course work.

Impact on teachers...