Analysation of Own Responsabilites

Analysing my own responsibilities for promoting equality and valuing diversity.

The aims and objective of this assignment are to explain why as a tutor I should promote and bring equality and the values of diversity into the classroom.
The two words equality and diversity have always been much discussed and debated, they both have guidelines from the government (educational authorities and an act of Parliament). During this assignment I will describe two tools I have used to guide me through the subject matter in the classroom. Below are my interpretations of what the two words mean to me. I also use my interpretation of the words in classroom training and the two tools to guide me as a tutor.
We start with my interpretation of the two words equality and diversity, these are,
  * Equality is promoted through ensuring every person is treated fairly and no less favourably in life because of their, gender, culture, sexual orientation, views, disability, beliefs/religion and background (social structure). It is the state of being equal in rights, opportunities and status.
  * Diversity this means to recognise, respect and value people‚Äôs different views and contributions to society and life. It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive environment. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to accepting and understanding the values of diversity contained within each individual.

When I was originally trained as a tutor, I was shown two good tools in the form of checklists;
The first of the tools is used in the planning stages of the lesson,   this is called P.E.D.D.R.A. This stands for planning, equality, delivery, diversity, resources, and additional support. These are a set of questions that were developed for a tutor to think about, to ensure that equality and diversity are considered in the structure of classroom practice.
  * Do all the course documents take into consideration...