Ana Analysis of the Yellow Wallpaper in Language and Gender

Eastern Mediterranean International School
Yasmim Franceschi – English A HL
Mini Essay:
An analysis of Yellow Wallpaper’s text in Language and Gender.
The aim of this Essay is to inspect the text of Yellow Wallpaper approaching the axis of   Language and Gender. The Yellow Wallpaper story is a personal reflection of the narrator regarding her postpartum depression and how it influences her relationship with her husband, her family and the society in which she is inserted. She delves into her obsession by something that would be seeing as a regular object of quotidian life and get isolated from the outer world.   The story is written by a feminine perspective on masculine oppression and exemplifies how mental diseases were underestimated and treated with disdain mainly if it came from a woman.
There are in this text, specific pragmatic features that indicates the male domination under a woman’s behavior. Some of the references to masculine control under women’s life are expressed in the following excerpt: “and I am absolutely forbidden to "work" until I am well again”. It is noticeable by the lexical structure of the text, the power of control her husband had under her life, by stating what she should or not to do   - “absolutely forbidden” is a choice of words that emphasizes on this point . Notwithstanding, while this prohibition is supposedly   intentioned to help and protect her, he uses his influence as a doctor under other people’s opinions in order to underestimate the seriousness of the condition and silence his wife’s suffering addressing her mental problem as a “temporary nervous depression”. The use of euphemisms is remarkable in his speech, when referring to her mental condition. The way he strictly denies removing the wallpaper despite of all the distress it caused to his wife, also shows the way a woman’s demands did not carry importance enough to be taken into consideration.
The narrator and main character, starts the text highly imaginative and...