American Dental Care, is a dental care provider located in Philadelphia, PA, responsible for providing high quality dental care to patients; performing all aspects of general or specialty dentistry, including but not limited to restorative, prosthetic, oral surgery and other services. Since the inception of ADC, their employment goals have been straightforward: employ the best, develop the best and keep the best. Believing a productive, educated and energized professional staff leads to a successful dental group. ADC strives to be the country's leader network of dental professionals delivering the highest measurable quantity of service and patient satisfaction.

Traditional leadership roles need to be re-examined

The current managers at ADC are insufficient in empowering their employees to produce results. ADC is questioning the notion that traditional command-and-control styles of management and leadership are the only way to succeed. This use of authoritative, power and control style of management is often referred to as Transactional Leadership. In this form of management, managers interact with subordinates and provide incentives for good performance and consequences for poor performance.

The current culture of management has been organized to give instructions, delegate, manipulate, convince or tell how to do something. The basic premise of management is an "us or them" mentality. In fact, included in almost every definition of the word manage is a reference to making and keeping one submissive. Even the word used to describe the one being managed, subordinate, is defined as "being placed in or occupying a lower class or rank; submissive to or controlled by authority." (cite)

The traditional view of management, which is seen as planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling, was first introduced by the French industrialist Henri Fayol in 1916 (Mintzberg 163). The industrial era hints to the reason why management was based on authority, power and...