American Flag

The American Flag: An Artwork for a Country
America has always been a united by a single form of artwork: the American Flag. Sewn by Betsy Ross, this form of artwork has been around since our country was founded. Over the years it has been updated and modified to continue the unity of our country. Overall, there have been twenty-seven versions of the American Flag but the original version created by Betsy Ross is the basis of any other modified adaptation. Some may not say the American Flag is a form of artwork but I disagree. Art is using your creative ideas and interpreting them in a manner to get your point across. Betsy’s point was to unify the colonies and she accomplished her goal though sewing.
The American Flag is a rectangular piece of cloth with thirteen red and white alternating stripes. There are fifty white stars on a solid blue rectangle in the corner. When described in separate parts this piece of work seems like nothing, but when you put it together it becomes an example of the unity our country that has been created over the years. The red stripes in the flag signify valor and bravery. The white stripes in the flag signify purity and innocence. The blue color behind the stars signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice. The representations of these colors are all very important qualities that our country has. Betsy Ross did a great job of picking colors and putting them in the flag so they represented the country right.
On the flag there are thirteen red and white alternating stripes. These stripes represent the original thirteen colonies that rebelled against the British. These are the founding colonies for our country and deserve to be recognized for their bravery. The fifty stars in the corner are a representation of the fifty states. At first there were only thirteen stars on the flag. Each time a state joined the Union another star was added to the flag. This shows the unity of our country. Betsy Ross was asked by the framers to create...