Alzheimer's Epidemic

10 October 2011

Alzheimer’s Epidemic; Are Primitive Vaccines To Blame?
Let us start with the current statistics: the disease Alzheimer’s affects one in eight of the “baby boomer” generation, ages 55-74.   In the same year these 74 year olds were born, 1936, vaccines for Diptheria and Pertussis injured and killed many on a global level.   Injuries and fatalities continued through the year 1956 when 55 year olds were born.   Right now Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in 2006 it is listed as the 6th leading cause of death in the United States, before 2004 it was not even on the list, now it is the 4th.   Projected numbers show that the amount of reported diagnoses will triple among Hispanic, Asian, and Pacific Islanders and double among African Americans and Caucasians by the year 2030.   According to the California Office of Aging, we also know that AD is underreported in people of color, where the family nucleus is so strong that dealing with this type of disease is just part of the circle of life. Which brings us to the issue at hand, who will care for and shoulder the medical expenses for the victims of this epidemic?
1.1 million, in California alone, provide continued care for people with A.D.   Some have expressed in advance the wish to stay in their own homes, some wish to live with family
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members, some choose assisted living in facilities and others are placed in facilities with or without their consent.   Whichever the case, this epidemic is on the rise and destined to incur billions in health care and continued care to keep patients safe, healthy and comfortable.   In an effort to understand this new epidemic, research has heightened and specialists say they are only ten years away from a cure.   Or maybe just as close to a cure as they are with cancer.   Perhaps we should plan our futures and pad our retirement in expectation that our children will become our parents.   Ultimately, the kind of care for future generations of victims of this disease...