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CU311 The principles of infection Prevention and control

Every time I come to work, before I start I wash my hands to prevent infection to spread. I wash hands many times during the working day.   There are special sanitizers to kill bacteria. It is our responsibility to prevent bacteria to spread by keeping and maintaining surfaces clean. It is regulated by The public health act 1984, health and safety at work act 1974.   There are standards that are to followed such as NICE, Universal precautions and local organization policies such as health and safety policies, organizational infection control policies.
If I see a full bin of rubbish, it is my obligation to take out the trash and maintain the room clean. It is the same with food left overs, dishes, clothes. Everything has to be washed and cleaned after use. If there are things broken and failing to work my responsibility is to report it to my manager and make sure it is fixed. If I fail to do so, to maintain infection control it might break out as unnecessary illness, disruption to staff Rota. It might affect service user as well as outbreak of viruses. In organization, it would affect disruption in routine, cancelation of services and activities even might lead to legal actions.
Risk is any situation, activity or individual as hazard, which may cause the spread of infection to others. Potential risk at the work place can be very dangerous. it might affect more vulnerable individuals putting them in a position where their life/ health might be in danger. People who are very young, old, pregnant women.  
To prevent such outcome I carry out a risk assessment, I identify the hazard, asses a risk and eliminate risk where is possible. If I can’t eliminate I reduce the possibility to minimum and record the risk in assessment process. Make regular reviews; report out breaks of infections if such happen.   Importance of it is very simple by doing so I have a record of what and how can be done, what has been done...