Running Head: Alcohol Abuse and Its Destructive Qualities

Alcohol Abuse and Its Destructive Qualities: How it affects the daily lives of people who use it and are around those who do.
Salman Jaffer
Benedictine University

Alcohol and drug abuse has been around for quite a while; people use them for many reasons. Many use them out of curiosity, and many use them because of addiction and poor judgment due to abuse of other drugs. Many think of abuse and addiction having consequences based off how much of a drug one uses and the frequency, however it is the consequences that occur from using it that make it so. By using it regardless of the consequence no matter how small, ignoring the effects and continuing to use it because of the pleasure it gives is the real addiction. Alcohol and other drugs have become too easy to obtain from the store or the street, and the impact it is having is devastating. Children and adults both have leisurely been able to obtain these legal and illegal substances, allowing a widespread acceptance and allowance of such behavior. This and many other unattended problems of such crime have caused a number of casualties and injuries. There should be heavier penalties and much stricter prohibitions and requirements to attain legal substances and paraphernalia. A much more enforced usage and purchase container program that would allow the government to oversee who purchases and uses the substances in timed periods. A look at what the benefits are of the said substances and how there may be other ways to limit or control them. Details of the deaths, injuries, and people affected by them, what medical effects they have, the damages they cause and how they outweigh the benefits, graphs and predictions of the possible future outcomes of choosing to control or let them be.

Alcohol Abuse and Its Destructive Qualities: How it affects the daily lives of people who...