Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse
February 2, 2015
Jayne Marek

Alcohol Abuse
A person can be in a healthy state of mind as long as he or she does not allow the temptation of drinking alcohol consuming his or her life. An addiction is the result of temptation becoming a source for the social and personal demise of people. The line between moderate and social drinking is not clear even though alcohol abuse by older adults is common.
My father was a drinker when I was younger, and alcohol was consuming his life. He would drink about six beers a day or more, and this is considered excessive drinking. My father did possess a dependency to alcohol, and the drug did change his life from a steady track to life turned upside down. People with alcohol problems like to keep their obsessions and personal failures under wraps. Alcohol abuse was the result of my father gaining the decision of quitting his job or becoming fired by his boss. I did try to tell him he was making the wrong decision to use alcohol as a replacement for taking care of his family, but he would not listen to me. He was going through his trials and tribulations and breaking his dependency on alcohol was not in his near future.
A person will drink periodically because of stress factors in some cases. My father would drink to take the edge of losing his wife, but this obsession became a daily ritual. He was striving to escape his situation of, not wanting to think about, not having her in his life anymore. Alcohol became a problem for my father as he was not at ease with his life, and he did possess many burdens.
My dad was a real estate agent, and he had to deal with annoying clients and demanding bosses. He did describe himself as a social drinker, and he did admit he would get carried away when he visits bars at night after long days. He would not remember what took place on previous nights, and this routine was affecting his work, and his bosses could not count on him performing their task expectations. This...