Obama Has A Dream
Obama has a Dream, Will it Come True?
Kendra Vincent
ENG 121
Gloria Lance

The final issue covered in this essay is the coverage of pre-existing conditions in the Obama Health Care Reform. President Obama’s reform proposes to offer a “Pre-Existing Condition Patient Protection Act”; This act will prohibit insurance companies from denying an individual coverage based on a pre-existing condition. This act will also make it possible for living organ donors to receive and maintain health coverage. The current health care system has left it open for insurance companies to deny coverage to those individuals whom have donated an organ in the hopes of helping another human live. Live organ donors are often dropped from coverage after the transplant, this is considered a pre-existing condition. When an individual seeks health coverage with the current health care system there is a waiting period he/ she must endure before seeking services for a pre-existing condition, often these waiting periods are a crucial time to receive medical help from a doctor/medical facility. These waiting periods can leave an individual with irreversible damage that would have been treated had they not been required to wait.
Obama’s health care reform could bring a great change to the United States of America, providing millions of American’s with health care coverage that they would otherwise not be able to afford with the current health care system. Affordability, shared responsibility and the coverage of pre-existing conditions are just a few of the variations the reform has to offer, this reform could not get any worse than our health care system is today.

I Have A Dream" - "Yes We Can
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