asdfdsafHe's 23 years old, 4 years LeBron's junior and he's doing things that LeBron could only dream of with the Heat.

This isn't a baiting thread, it's just an observation. I think when it's all said and done, Durant will be the closest thing to Jordan since Jordan, over Kobe and LeBron. 

Durant has the maturity, the humbleness, the killer instinct (that LeBron lacks) and he's only 23. It's kind of amazing.

And for anyone who wants to counter here with a pro-Lebron argument, the fact is year after year for the past 9 years LeBron has constantly failed to win a championship. Since he got to the Finals (and swept) in 2007, he's been out in the second round, ECF or last year's Finals every year. And it looks like this year is on the same pace. I'm literally in shock that this is happening to a LeBron that has Wade & Bosh by his side. It's come to a point where it looks like Durant could win it this year at 23 and you have to wonder if LeBron will ever win one.

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