English Creative Writing Task
I look around me and see almost every single seat on the plane is occupied with passengers of all different ethnicities. I can see two lonesome clouds floating in the distance above the barren landscape lit by the setting sun. I can hear the plane’s engines humming and the parents 3 rows behind me trying to muffle their child’s whimpering. I am now accustomed to these noises as well as the stench of everyone’s odour has been combined and left to ferment over the 7 hours we have been flying so far. I have never been much of a good flyer and right now all I can think of is landing and escaping from this flying coffin. I can tell the rest of the crowd of passengers don’t feel the same way about flying as I do because I keep hearing laugher and talking throughout the cabin coming from the people who obviously enjoy flying.
A man sitting one row in front and to the right of me has continually caught my attention on this journey and it is only know I have discovered why. He is sweating profusely despite the sub zero temperature the air con is spitting out. This man is in his forties, is well dressed, and from what I can tell from where I am sitting he looks as though he would be tall when standing. As I continue to examine this character I notice him bitting his nails, tapping his armrest, shuffling in his chair and constantly looking around the cabin. I can’t help but feel uneasy at the sight of him. He then gets up and turns towards the toilets behind us. He hurries towards the toilets but in his rush trips on my bag and is left scrambling over the ground trying to get up. “Are you ok?” I ask picking up my bag.
“Y...Y...Yeah, sorry.” He mumbled whilst looking at the floor never making eye contact with me.
“As long as you’re not hurt then that’s fine.” I replied. Upon hearing this he nodded, turned and once again began his short walk to the toilet, this time though being more cautious.
After this incident I set about trying to relax,...