Adr Clause

ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter

August 13, 2010


This paper will pertain to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause that is going to used during the learning team process and possible other learning team members in the future of the program.   Part of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is making sure that the clause includes subjects that will cause the clause to make use to resolve disagreements among the team members.   Should this Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) be used it will be the last solution just in case the dispute cannot be determine or settled in good faith.   The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is going to be in position to the requirements of the team participation, group assignments, due date, group attendance and any disagreements among the team members.

ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter
Mediation is a form of negotiation in which a neutral third party assists the disputing parties in reaching a settlement of their dispute.   Mediator is a neutral third party that is an expert in the area of the dispute, or a lawyer or retired judge.
According to this clause should a dispute take place among the learning team and as a group cannot come to some type of agreement by negotiation.   The team will first try to straighten out the dispute by negotiation looking at different ways like mediation, litigation or some other form of dispute resolution procedures.   At this meeting all parties involved (team members) shall decide in the same way.   A contract will be present that shows the team charter steps causing to be useful and resourceful.  
Should a dispute occur among the members of the team, it will be agreed that all members participate in a mediated negotiation with the instructor or another learning team member from another team to being a neutral individual.   The mediator is going to be the communicator for both sides to try to reach some form of a chosen agreement.   All the team...