Adr Clause for Team Charter

ADR Clause for Team Charters
Working in teams is a useful way to achieve success and successful teams utilize team charters to keep order within the team. The charter is designed to help a team problem solve issues and provide a roadmap of the team members’ individual strengths to effectively work together. When conflicts arise it is useful to implement an ADR Clause by incorporating it into the team charter. This paper will provide an ADR Clause to use in case of disputes and conflicts within the team.
The ADR Clause
The team members shall agree that issues, conflicts, controversies, arising during the duration of the course will be submitted to the team members for mediation. If the issue cannot be resolved by group mediation the issue will be given to the instructor for arbitration. The team members who are in the dispute with then begin their mediation by giving the team leader or other member a written request for mediation that provides details of the issue (Jennings, 2006). Furthermore, the team members in dispute will work with the team leader in choosing another team member, a neutral party, to be the mediator. Either team member involved in the issue can start arbitration to the mediation process by submitting a written detailed demand for arbitration within 24 hours of the initial mediation. The parties in the dispute will collaborate with the team leader in choosing another team member neutral to the case to act as a mediator and in scheduling the mediation proceedings. The mediation may continue as the arbitration is being prepared. Upon agreement of the conflicting parties the instructor can serve as the arbitrator and provide a final decision based on his/her findings. In the event that the issue is not resolved by the end of the mediation, arbitration process it will be suggested that the team members be assigned to different teams.