Admission Essay


I am currently employed by the                       on a part-time basis as the administrator for the                                                   team for                   .

              is a                         Local Authority Support Service for Children, Young People, Families, Early Years' Settings and Schools.         support the inclusion of children and young people with a range of needs.   The National Health Service integration includes the Child Development Service, Physiotherapy and the Occupational Therapy service.   The Paediatric Occupational Therapy service are a team of Allied Health Professionals who work with children and young people who have a physical impairment, a medical condition, a mental health problem or a learning disability. They help children and young people who have difficulties with practical everyday tasks by providing a range of strategies designed to promote independence.   The aim of occupational therapy is to enable you to live as independently as possible - at home, in employment or in education. Occupational Therapists (O.T’s) work in health and social care and work closely with health, housing and educational services.  

What I want to achieve from this training:

I have enrolled for the ABC Level 2 Award in Counselling Concepts course this year and the Transactional Analysis Course starting early next year to achieve basic counselling skills in order to progress to the Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills commencing September 2011.   Thereafter, I endeavour to progress to Diploma level.  

What motivates my interest in the subject of counselling:

Having worked for the                       for a few years now, I am aware of referrals for many children who are in need of an assessment from various teams within our service but are advised to re-refer due to behavioural issues.   These behavioural issues are due to either a diagnosis or in most cases children who have experienced family...