Administrative Ethical Paper

Administrative Ethics Paper
Alondra Jimenez
HCS 335

Health care patient privacy has become the focal point of all issues because keeping the patient’s information confidential has apparently become a huge problem in the field. Patient privacy is an issue that came up about ten or more years ago, and for these issues many organization such as the privacy act and the HIPPA regulation have stepped in to stop patient’s health information from leaking out to unwanted sources. Now, there are serious consequences involving any staff member that is not confidential when dealing with patient records because there could be lawsuits ahead. Lawsuits are usually filed by patients who feel that their privacy has been violated and because the HIPPA regulations backed them up 100% and their process to file a suit against any health care facility is easy. The HIPPA regulations organization understand the patients and take all actions when they feel violated or abused when it comes to their personal health privacy. The following article regarding staff of an organization speaking freely and loudly about other patient’s health will explain why it is a legal issue and also unethical.
The article is called “Respect patient’s privacy! Keep quiet in the elevator” (Melinda Thomas) is a perfect example of how the staff of an organization could be when dealing with other patient’s private information. The reason why this article was chosen, although it sounds quiet vague, is because of the truthfulness it contains when organizations are observed by visitors, other staff, and managers, and still staff speaks freely about issues in improper places. This issue is important to be addressed because this problem is still going on and even though regulation and laws were created for this reason it is absolutely incredible that the health privacy of the patients is still leaking out. Because it is natural that most people love the drama and gossip it is...