Elin Heath
74 Nant Y Felin
LL75 8UY

12th December 2011

Dear Ken Newing,

I am writing to you following our conversation on the phone regarding an incident that happened earlier today, Monday the 12th December. Hogan were resurfacing a road in Pentraeth. I had stopped to allow oncoming traffic to get through as there was no traffic control at the time and also allowed enough room for one of your machines that was reversing to manoeuvre. The person operating this machine continued to reverse in my direction and I had to use my horn twice to get his attention but he took no evasive action and collided with my car. I then parked my car and talked to the foreman who gave me your contact details. I have enclosed photographs of the damage caused to my car and the foreman also took some pictures at the scene. I will be obtaining a quote for the repair costs which I will forward to you, as my car is only two months old and therefore under warranty I will be taking my car to the Vauxhall dealership to obtain this quote.

Upon receipt of the quote, I shall expect you to formally instruct Vauxhall to carry out the repair with immediate effect.

I must also say that the attitude of the driver of your machine was unhelpful and I question his ability to competently operate the machine.   But for the attitude of your foreman, I would have had to call the police for assistance.

I look forward to receiving your response.

Yours sincerely

Elin Heath