Action Bias

We call the money mistake as “Action Bias” when people have desire to something at a time of high tension, even though it is unnecessary or costly.   Actually, politicians are typical person and they sometimes make “Action Bias” mistakes in government. They behave in a costly manner in high tension, because they feel pressure of the public who vote them.   So, if there is a big problem or tough situation (economic crises, terrorist attacks etc,), public pressure forces politicians to do something immediately (printing money, bombing/declaring war to a terrorist supporting country etc.). Usually, this immediate reaction is unnecessary to solve the whole problem or costs too much, nevertheless releases the pressure of the public. In my language, we call this type of temporary solution “aspirin-treatment“. Because, aspirin can decrease your fever (like releasing the pressure of public,), but does not cure your illness. And maybe, it causes to worsen your illness by preventing you to see a doctor for a while (it costs much!). Politicians are affected by the public pressure, because they usually think about the next election. To solve “Action bias” problem in government, politicians should not consider the political results when they decide to something about the problem or subject.   They should evaluate the government expert’s reports about the subject and decide after taking into consideration results of decision. They should not forget that sometimes, doing nothing for a while is better than doing something. Finally, the most important point that they must be brave enough to talk about the realities rather than to hide them or delay results by aspirin treatments.