Act 2 a Doll's House Analysis

Preparation 2
A Doll’s House

Torvald is someone who has been well educated. He has lived experiences and knows the real value of money. He has a good job. He knows what is good and what is wrong.
Nora on the other hand, has never been confronted to real life. She has lived no experience. She acts like a child, she is irresponsible and immature. She has no idea of the value of money and her life relies on the one of Torvald.
Nora does not know what is wrong and what is right. The few times, where she has to make an important decision, she acted with her heart instead of with her brain, like Torvald would of. She has no experience whatsoever to base herself on or to help her. This has led her to doing things that Torvald completely disagrees with.

Spending money – Torvald has a new job with a higher salary -> more money to spend
Eating macaroons – “He’s worried in case they ruin my teeth you know” - Nora likes them
Forging signatures – “Forgery. Have you any idea what that means?” “Perhaps circumstances left him no choice” - Nora had to save her Torvald
Borrowing money – “We can always borrow in the meantime” “No debts! Never borrow!” - Nora had to save Torvald

At the beginning of the Act:
She orders Helene in an excitable tone to hide the Christmas tree as the children "mustn't see it till tonight." -> Nora’s secretiveness.
She comes back from town where she has been Christmas shopping -> “that doesn’t mean we can afford to be extravagant, you know”. Nora is a “spendthrift”. She has no idea of the value of money.
She eats some macaroons which she has secretly bought. When Torvald asks her if she has been eating macaroons, she denies it and lies whole-heartedly, “I would never dream of doing anything you didn’t want me too”-> Audience discovers that she is capable of lying. Theme of lies.
Nora has a peculiar relationship with her husband Torvald. It is not based on equality. Torvald is clearly superior and treats Nora like an...