A letter to… My wife who abandoned me.
The Guardian, Saturday 27 September 2014
We’ve been married for 20 years and together for 25. It’s been almost a week since you left me and the kids and when you had told me how I deserve someone better than yourself. It was because you had borrowed money from Krogstad to use for a trip down to Italy as the doctors had prescribed me to go to a more warmer climate because I was sick. And… and when you told me that you don’t love me anymore, I cannot describe how much that made me feel. I was livid. I didn’t know what to make of it, it was as if I was watching some sort of drama on TV, being viewed through a screen and not real.

Since the party you had been acting all obnoxious and agitated. I would never have guessed at all that you were never happy in this relationship. If you had felt like this then you should have spoken out to me, so then we can come to some sort of realisation as to how we can make the relationship stronger. It all makes sense now, the reason as to why you wanted me to keep Krogstad still working in the bank. You had told me that you borrowed money from your father, obviously that was a lie.
This isn’t any sort of dream world, you did act childlike. I have realised now that all you wanted was a husband that would take all of the liability and sacrifice my reputation. I haven’t always been there but you haven’t either. The kids are always being dumped on the nurse and you never really bonded with them. You never seem to want to have a meaningful conversation; it’s always about shopping or something. You have left the kids and me on our own; I can’t even cook or look after them myself. So how do you expect me to become a father figure to them? You don’t have a job and you are either at home or shopping but never spend time with the kids. But at least you know how to be a parent figure to them. I have a job and it is a very important role. So when will I ever have time to be with them and watch over the...