Aat Isys Mapping

Student mappingMapping   evidence to outcomes and criteria   You can use a number of different types of evidence to demonstrate your competence, for example a letter from your employer or a witness testimony.   Your training provider will be able to give you guidance so it is important that you discuss it with them. The mapping sheet contains spaces where you should map your evidence to the Assessment criteria.   As you may be referring to an individual piece of evidence more than once in your evidence summary you will need to cross reference all pieces of evidence by giving each a unique number and   refer to page number, paragraph number etc. This number should be included in the evidence document name when you submit it.     * You must complete all areas marked with an asterix and submit this document along with your assessment evidence   * This document has been designed for electronic completion. The cells will expand to fit you text. You can paste text into this document. |

Candidate name* |       | Date* |       |
Unit | Internal control and accounting systems |
Unit aims | The aim of this unit is to ensure that the learner will be able to make a considered evaluation of an accounting system, with particular reference to internal controls, ethical considerations and the prevention of fraud. They will be able to make recommendations for improvements supported by a clear rationale of the impact upon the organisation and a cost benefit analysis. |
Assessment criteriaThe learner can: | Evidence provided by candidate* | To be complete by the Assessor |
| You must give each piece of evidence a unique name/number (for example, "Letter 1", "Letter 2") which you should include in the file name of the document when you upload it.   You can then refer to your evidence documents by number from your mapping sheet. | Does the evidence provided meet the assessment criteria?
If additional evidence is required please state | Feedback to candidate |
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