.ay muName: Kirby Emmanuel C. Oraiz                                                           6/28/11
Course: BS ICT-1B
Based on my experience in Act 1, I leave my place and start venture out because I’m bored and I want to explore the outside world. When I started leaving my place I realized that you can’t live on your own when your unless, you have a job yet, I’m still too young to live on my own so I decided to that I have to go back on our place.   To tell you the truth I always disobey my parents and I don’t even listen to their sermons and now I know that, It was the worst thing that I have done… I disrespect them and talk back to them….. But I learned that without my family I’m powerless and weak so I have to follow them because they know what’s best for me……

My experience in act II is very similar to my life because people are expecting a lot from me. My parents taught me to be a good Christian and be a God-fearing person. I also expect evils and disasters that may come to my life as well as good and joy, agony mixed with celebration. They also expect to be a person who can meet trials and tribulations in life….

Based on my experience in Act III. I didn’t experience about love life and marriage because I haven’t experienced one. For me love is blind because people can’t control themselves especially the teenagers, they don’t know when is the right time for those things. That’s why we must focus on our studies and to God first before anything else, after you can do the things you want. Set aside unnecessary things that are not important to your life.

Based on my experience in Act IV, After my journey I had returned to my village and expects that the people in our place would welcome me in open arms with the power of love, the power of emtering into existence situation of many people and of uniting them into a solidarity and the destiny of some particular bit of history-making. Yet I endure and outlast the...

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