A Women in a Dolls House

When this story begins, we’re introduced to Nora as a money driven wife, whose “loving” husband is just supplying her lust for it.   When he gives here money it appears as if he is almost paying her to be married to him.   The society that they live in, demands the man to be dominant, educated and providing for his family, and the women to be nurturing, uneducated and a servant to her husband.   Nora is a trophy wife, beautiful, and causing no problems for her husband.   And Torvald is a wealthy banker who is providing well for his wife and children.
Ever since birth, Nora and Torvald had been taught their place.   In Noras case, before Torvald was introduced to her life, her father was the elder and person to be respected.   The women in her family were taught to keep order in their homes and be respectable to their husband and elders.   Torvald was also brought up to be in a certain role in the household.   All the home issues were to be taken care of by the women while he was to be educated and dominant in the household.  
At a point in the story towards the end, Nora mentions in her line “…I’ve been greatly wronged, Torvald.   First by my father, and then by you.”(858 ADH).   This leaves reason to believe that her father had treated her similarly.   She also mentions how her father had even referred to her as “…his baby doll…”(858 ADH). She also makes the remark that her father used to play with her like she played with her dolls when she was a little girl.  
The marriage between Torvald and Nora, is almost bound together by money.   Nora mentions that she felt she had been wronged by her father first and

then by Torvald.   Both her father and her husband seem to have everything predestined for Nora.   She never made any major decisions in her life because either her father or Torvald already made them for her.   The only time she made a pretty big decision, she had to risk herself and her husbands name, behind her husbands back to help him.   But in the end nothing...