A Thousand

I would like to introduce a novel named a thousand splendid suns, written by Khalid Hosseini,Who born in Kabul and finally settled down in California with his family.
  my best friend gave this book to me as my 17th birthday’s present. I finished this wonderful, moving story of how two modern Afghan women in a few days and I am shocked by this novel.
  Hosseini has succeeded in capturing many important historical and contemporary themes in a way that will make your heart ache again and again. his first novel is the kite runner. A thousand splendid suns is his second novel, Once again set in Afghanistan, the story focuses mainly on the lives of two women, Mariam and Laila ,thrown together by fate.
  Mariam is the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man and one of his housekeepers, sufferring shame throughout her childhood because of the circumstances of her birth When she was 15,her mother killed herself and she was forced to marry to   a much older man, a shoemaker, whose views on the rights of women mirror those that the Taliban would soon enforce. Laila, whose life is destroyed by wars, lost her parents because of the war. As a result she had to marry to   Mariam’s husband for her baby that had not come to the world yet. Laila is beautiful while Miriam is plainer. Laila is loved by both her parents with whom she lives and has many chances to develop her knowledge and skills.   They also grow up in different times: Miriam is old enough to be Laila's mother. They are so different but fate bring them together from 1960s to 2003.
  The book deals with issues of class, religion, sexual roles, child rearing, education, and community. For Afghanistan was a world where the men called the shots, unless they chose not to do so. Men are allowed to marry as many wives as they like. Women has to follow whatever orders that their husband give. They can not go out without their husband’s permission :they can not de watched by other men when they go out. Even they are treated badly...