A Story of One Lie or the Global Warming.

A Story of One Lie or the Global Warming.
(Slide No 1, all this is written on the board) Ice melts, ocean and hurricanes are growing and it’s all YOUR FAULT! Don’t worry, its just a lie!
D: Media tells us nearly everyday about the Global Warming; we can find lots of information, data and news about the future disasters because of it, but not single evidence.
V: It is time for us to find out the truth, that all this terrible disasters will happen because of human’s fault, doesn’t really exists.
D: We are going to tell you; who and why made this myth/theory about the Global Warming. (But first we would like to ask your opinion, before we start, asking the class)
D: Let me just say one thing; there is a temperature increase in the atmosphere, but it isn’t what we think it is.
V: Let me begin; all the time media tells us about the Global Warming and how it is dangerous for us. They simply convince us, that the cars and factories make the temperature increase around us and it is all Co2´s fault.
D: Theory number one: Lets begin with Co2, in the history the rates of Co2 in the air were higher, 10 times higher than today and it tells us that Co2 is not associated with Global Warming, so that’s the first lie. Not one major climatic change in the past 1000 years can be explained by Co2. We can proof it; Co2 has never affected the climate before, even thou the manufacturing has been there for a long time now.
V: The truth is that the Global Warming isn’t a scientifically proven theory. However, our fears of the future disasters became a very useful tool in the hands of the politicians and the fight for the protection of the nature became a political tool.
D: Scientists simply need a sort of an issue to get funded. Which means that they need to create a panic, so the money flows into their hands.
D: Today we will tell you how and why the climate changed:
V: (Slide No 1, graph 4.18) The climate of the Earth changes all the time, but it all happens without...