A Son and Daughter’S Take on Marriage

A Son and Daughter’s Take On Marriage
In “Marriage Is a Private Affair” and “Love Must Not Be Forgotten” a son and a
daughter are being pressured into getting married. The son in the story, “Marriage Is a
Private Affair” is being pressured into marrying someone that his father picked out for
him to marry. The daughter in the story, “Love Must Not Be Forgotten” is being pushed
to get married, but is afraid that her heart will be broken. The son and daughter have
similar problems but also have different issues with their culture.
In the stories you can compare the situation of their parents both choosing who
they wanted their kids to marry. Both children have issues and felt pressured by their
parents about the choosing of who they were going to marry. Another thing you can
compare in this story is the relationships with their parents. The son and daughter tried
and wanted to be close to their parents but were not able to have that good of a
connection with them because their parents were not willing to cooperate. I felt like in
these stories that the parents were hardheaded when the topic of their kids marriage
was brought up. They should have listened to what the kids wanted and tried to make it
work. Also you can compare that the two kids have the same point of view on the ideas
of love. Both wanted to fall in love with someone that they met, not who their parents
picked out for them. They wanted to really have a good understanding what love was.
You can contrast in these stories on the outcomes of what the two decided to do.
The son in the story, “Marriage is a Private Affair” ended up marrying the woman he fell
in love with and not the woman his parents arranged for him to marry. And the
daughter in “Love Must Not Be Forgotten” ended up not getting married at all. Also you
could contrast their ideas on marriage. The daughter was very nervous about the idea
of marriage and the son was determined to marry the woman...