A Short History of Ila Orangun


The ancient city of Ila-Orrangun is situated on latitude 8 North of the equator and longitude 4.30 East of the Greenwich. It’s about 50 kilometer North East of Oshogbo. It’s a gate way to both Ondo and Kwara States and share boundaries with Ora, Oke-Ila. And Otun-Ekiti to the North-East; Arandun, Rore and Aranorinto the North. Oyan to the West, Otan-Ayegbaju to the South-West and Oke-Imesi in Ondo State to the East.


The origin of Ila-Orangun people is not matter for debate and controversy. It is commonly accepted that their cradle city is Ile-Ife and Oduduwa was their progenitor. Oduduwa with his Ifa oracle descended Ile-Ife around 10th century during the day time. There he met a priest called Agiri-Logbon Agbonmiregun and some chiefs who did not accept him as their leader. Oduduwa then consulted Ifa oracle on what to do. Ifa told him that at riverside, there is a beautiful Lady waiting, she will be his wife.Oduduwa saw the Lady by name Adetinrin Anasin by the riverside and made her his wife.

Anasin Adetinrin gave birth to a male child called Ifagbamila. Ifagbamila was born on a day known in Ifa oracular calendar as “Ojo Ila-ye-Fun”. Oduduwa declared supplucity during the naming ceremony of his child. People were lavishing entertained to the amazement of all the attendants. Hence before dispersing they came to Oduduwa in group to pledge their support and loyalty to him as their leader and warrior. Fagbamila was nurtured at Ipetumodu according to Ifa oracle directive. Impressed by the change of his fortune and the astonishing performance of his heir Fagbamila, Oduduwa set out and built for him a “BIG HOUSE”, Ile-Nla at the outskirt of the palace called ILARE, where he was of age and with wives and a lot of property.

At the dispersal age of 13, Fagbamila, after the Ita-Ijero deliberations, concluded his arrangement to leave Ile-Ife and parted with his father to establish his own Kingdom....