A Narrative Reading of “All Women Are Very Similar” by Sepideh Siyavashi Based on Gerard Genette’s Theory

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A Narrative Reading of “All Women are Very Similar”                                                                             By Sepideh Siyavashi                                                                                                                               Based on Gerard Genette’s Theory |
Ramineh Rezazadeh |
13 July 2013 |

Dr.Amirali Nojoumian
Literary Criticism 1

Sepideh Siavashi , (born in 1986 in Iran) writes short stories and poems in Farsi. “Farsi Bekhand” “Laugh in Persian” is her first short story collection published in 2011 in Iran.
This collection of nine short stories in 90 pages won "Golshiri   Literary Award". Siyavashi was graduated in MA in Linguistics from Allameh Tabatabai University.  Her fiction, besides the prize of   Golshiri was amongst the winners of “ Sadegh Hedayat Literary Award” .
These nine short stories that generally are the story of modern realism and social discourses. 
Loneliness, betrayal, despair, longing and emotional frustration, feelings of worthlessness, lack of understanding of different cultures, are the main themes of the stories in this collection. 
Although the collection of   stories in "Persian Laugh"   is spread around a unique   theme, but there are a couple of stories in the middle of the book which don not relate to whole series.
In the collection of stories the reader tries to establish or maintain a relationship, finds himself confronted with so many questions. Where exactly does the relationship begin its transformation? Where the other people around us do are not exactly the same as they were before?  The author does not seem answering the aforementioned questions to convey the stories.  The answer to these questions is that there is a process for every kinds of events however, an event doesn’t take place suddenly over a night.
Reviewing the critical reflections of this collection proved that “Laugh in Persian" , "Reddish Dun" and "Snow"...