A Letter

The Tyger

    Before reading “The Tyger’ by William Blake, the reader infers by looking at the title, that the poem could possibly be about experience. It could describe an individual
that has more experience than others in life , so it could talk about all the experience the author himself has had in life. After reading the poem, the reader understands that the author feels like he's different than other and that it okay to think and feel that.Further more, the word “Tyger” does not necessarily mean its spelt wrong, but spelled   . In Other words “tyger” carries a different flow as if he's the author is a different person from everyone around him throughout this poem, because he feels that being the same as everyone is too boring. In this poem the diction has a very negative   and positive

          For him, being different to him is like trying to fit in for us..   One sound device that is used in the poem in alliteration. The use of this devices forces the reader to   read slower and focus on specific word choices. By repeating the “t” the sound in “Twist, they, thy and to”Blake is telling   his reader to focus not only on the different spelling of tyger but the imagery in the poem. Blakes further emphasizes
his sympathy   by appealing to his readers senses of sight and directions. Using imagery when discussing his feeling process he says “burning bright “ .This further leads to his emotions by starting “... thy heart began to beat”. Appealing to these sensory details creates a direct relationship between the two. The visions of nature mirror his disparities.The poet {creates]a very good hint that he's dispersed..By giving the                           eyes a burnt fire in the eyes.The author uses a hyperbole to emphasize the grandness of the vision of the night. He states that they were in a   forest with deep skies to make the point that he was in a dark forest   The author furthers this point by using a   magery   Though the comparison of the   night...