510 Lead and Manage a Team

510 Lead and manage a team within a health and social care or children and young peeople settng
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1.3 Identify the challenges experienced by established teams.
There are many challenges that established team can face, I took over as manager to an already established team and the challenges that I faced from day one were that staff felt anxious at me coming in and trying to change everything, which after observing them for a short while I was adamant that I was going to change quite a few aspects of their working practices, some members of the team appeared to feel threatened by me coming in and taking some of their responsibilities away from them and resented it when I allocating responsibility on a more fairer basis.
A strong culture was present in the team, due to certain members of the team having slightly stronger personalities, they were able to have everyone working to their beliefs and values, the communication was extremely poor as the stronger characters would out voice the quieter members of the team. There appeared no structure to any debates on how to support the residents and choices and decisions were being made for instead of with the people we support. Instead of the entire team working together for the benefit of the people we support and everyone inputting ideas and suggestions, decisions had already been made by certain staff members. Information that should of been clearly shared was sketchy and the quieter members of the team tended to follow by their example.
The other challenge I faced was the allocation of work, certain staff liked doing certain tasks and as the rota was being completed by a support worker the rota was done to ensure that these staff members could continue to work the way they wanted. One staff member I felt was extremely lazy and would sit with the residents and watch TV with them and would use the excuse he was socialising with the people we support, this then impacted on the entire team who had to complete his...