4 Features of Corn Shelling Machine Development in China

4 Features of CORN SHELLING MACHINE Development in China

Corn is one of the main food crops in China. It has high nutritional value, and can be milled into flour for human food. It also can be processed into livestock feed, industrial raw materials, etc. Corn shelling machine has achieved good results, and presents the following features:

First, with the continuous development of corn shelling machine, and corn consumption increase year by year, this improves the enthusiasm and planting area of corn in China.
Second, the product structure is further improved. The early development of corn shelling machine is mainly used in food processing, and gradually from the traditional primary products of starch, alcohol expand to the deep processing products such as amino acid, organic acids, resource use efficiency enhances unceasingly.
Third, the enterprise scale enhances unceasingly. Through new construction, mergers and restructuring, corn shelling machine improves the industry concentration degree.
Fourth, improve farmers' living standard. Corn shelling machine becomes dominant agricultural product processing industry as pillar industry of economic development.
Above all, corn shelling machine in China is in the process of unceasing development, it continuously adjusts the industrial structure, develops high-tech processing technology.
Corn is one of our main food crops in China with the features of long industry chain and high nutrition. By corn flour mill, we can process corn into various kinds of food, livestock feed and industrial raw material. This can utilize the corn nutrition value at the maximum degree. Over ten years of development, our corn shelling machine development has the following features:
1. Corn shelling machine development makes the corn consumption increase greatly year by year and improves the enthusiasm of corn planting and corn acreage.
2. The product structure has further improvement. At first, the CORN PROCESSING EQUIPOMENT was...