385 Week 2

Week 2

Frequent Shopper Program Part I

Since Smith Consulting has been contracted to develop the Frequent Shopper Program for Kudler Fine Foods.   There are a couple of things we need to figure out first before we start developing the program.   You might be thinking this is easy just start programming it isn't that easy.  
So there are a couple of methods that we will be talking about that programmers use to help them start the process.   Now not only would just a programmer use these but so would a consulting firm like smith consulting.   The the methods that we are going to talk about are the Waterfall Method, Spiral Model and Agile Processes.   As we discuss these methods we will see both the advantages and disadvantages of both and why one is better the other for companies to use when it comes to doing projects.   Sometime we think that being overly nice is a great idea but can it cause bigger issue in keeping deadlines?   These are some questions we will answer as we look into some of these methods.   One of the last things we will taking about is testing and how that is handled buy each method.   At the end you will be able to determine which method you like the best.
The waterfall method this is what it looks like it goes back and forth between stage so for example you start out at requirements and then you go to design and then you go back to requirements.   The same thing happens with design and phases as you go through a phase you go back to it again the reason for this method is because there is less rework to be done.   For example if you to design a program and you go back to the requirements spot then as you are designing it then you won't miss any parts of the program.   Sometimes if you just start to program and forget to check on what is need and then you get half way done with the program then you have to go back and reprogram the program or redo it.   Which could cost your company not only time but money.
Requirements             Design...