3 Paragraph Summary of Their Eyes Were Watching God

Youbode Joway
Period 3
Their Eyes Were Watching God
In “Their eyes were watching god” by Zora Neale Houston, a woman named Janie struggles to find love and when she is finally falls in love it does not last long. Janie is an African-American girl who was raised up white. She is beautiful and she has long fine hair which angers both black and white folks. Janie is raised by her grandma, but at a young age she is married off because her grandma no longer has the strength to take care of her. Janie does not love her husband and when she meets Joe Starks she runs away with him. As time passed and Joe’s true motive are revealed Janie finds herself unhappy once more. Janie and Jody begin to have relationship problems. Consequently, Jody grows old and passes away. A few months later Janie encounters a man named Tea Cake. Janie genuinely loves Tea Cake and they run off to Jacksonville. There they stay for a year. During that year they build an entertainment center and Janie truly feels happy. Yet, one day when Tea Cake gets bitten by a rabid dog Janie life begins to crumble. Tea Cake becomes infected by the rabid dog and the disease goes to his head as he holds a gun at Janie. Without any choice Janie shoots her only true love and returns back to Florida Town. Janie’s desire for true happiness was met only to be crushed.
To be honest, I did not enjoy the book. I did not enjoy the book because it was difficult to read. The book was difficult to read because the language spoken was worse than slang. The language spoken was broken English. While reading the book, instead of focusing on understanding the plot of the story, the majority of my focus went towards breaking down the words and language. I felt as if reading in that manner was making me stupid every day I read the book. It was making me stupid because my mind was adjusting to reading broken English and I was afraid I was going to forget proper English. I would recommend this book to people. I would...