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Drawing on what you have learnt from the dd102 module material and your work on tma1 outline
some examples of inequality on city road cardiff.
My plan in this assignment is to outline some inequality that appear in our society, although these in
equality can be found on any street i will be focusing on city road Cardiff .inequality comes in several
difference forms i shill be looking at a few examples .
Firstly i want to focus on john author an man that due to past influences with dring and drugs he has
found himself now living on the streets , although john has moved from place to place he is now
settled on city road . John believes that because Cardiff is a city port is has much more diversity of
people, john alot of the time appears to have no connections to city road and life can be hard for him
due to his homeless status people are quick to stereotype him as worthless. As seen in the clip (
many people walk by him every day and don't recognize him at all , his position make it near
impossible for him to get a job there for afford a home for himself this is a spiral that sadly continues
to hinder his life but things are not all bad for john he has regular spot to sleep and has found that the
students of Cardiff are often kind enough to brink him out cups of tea in the evening john repays there
trust buy returning the cup and thanking them in the morning due to him doing this small connections
have been made for john . The salvation army are a charity that works along side the homeless and
have supplied john with warm blankets for him to stay warm making his life ever so sightly more
Another example is that of a bloke called Stephen sweetman , in Stephens story connecting lives (the
open university 2016) Stephen has used city roads for a long time as an able bodied man and often
went in and out of shops as he wanted . Sadly life took a different turn when Stephen had and accident
and slipped causing him to fall and as a...