19th Century of Australian History

19th Century of
                                      AUSTRALIAN HISTORY

In the 19th century of Australian history, many historically important events occurred, a couple of these being the Gold Rush of 1850’s-1900’s in NSW and Vic, that then attracted people across the globe (bringing many different cultures and races with them), then Eureka Stockade. These two key events in history has changed and affected Australia to the way that it is now - it’s affected the way our country is, but whether those changes are good or bad, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The Gold Rush:
The first news that gold had been discovered in NSW and VIC, Australia, was announced publicly some time after it had actually been found. There had been reports since 1823 of gold finds in NSW and VIC, but the authorities had not wanted this publicised.
They had tried so hard to keep it secret that they had actually ‘rewarded’ convicts that found gold with 100 lashes of cat-o-nine-tails! What a reward!
The authorities didn’t know how they would cope if the word got out, it would attract MANY people and it would be chaotic.
But, by 1851, the word was let out and an announcement was made clear on newspaper headlines, billboards, and notices, everywhere! The news spread like wildfire worldwide, causing an amazing buzz of excitement for everyone. The excitement attracted people across the globe, bringing hope of a new life and the hope of becoming rich. Although many where disappointed, over the next forty years or so, this ‘wildfire’ was relit over and over as gold was found in new locations. The Gold Rush and the discovery of gold caused a dramatic effect on the economy and social structure of the colonies. New cultures, races and religions where introduced. Many people from China, America, Canada, Germany, England, Ireland and France immigrated to Australia. The goldfields were typically rough, noisy and unclean and the environment was far from pleasant, with a mixture of racism,...