Shipping Box with Advertisement
Shipping Box with Advertisement
  1. Directly provide the shipping box with advertisement tag to commercial companies that need to be advertised.
  2. Build relationship with shipping company like UPS, provide with free box with commercial advertisement.

Geographic: California, Local Service
Behaviors: Based on shipping service

Targeting: Commercial products or service which needs advertisement.

Positioning: The shipping box aimed at advertisement service is absolute new concept in current market.  
Concentration Ratio

Financial performance

Rock-Tenn Company
Market Share: 8.5%,
Packaging Corporation of America
Market Share: 7.1%
Koch Industries
Estimated market share: 4.3%

SWOT | Positive | Negative |
Internal | Strengths:   1. Supply Chain   2. Low Capital cost   3. Integrity of advertisement and Shipping Box | Weakness   1. Increasing Labor Cost   2. Hard to build relationship with large company. |
External | Opportunity:   1. Recovery of the Economy stimulate the shipping service and commercial sales.   2. Increasing demand for shipping service | Threat:High Competition |

Basis of Competition

Internal competition
Within the industry, operators compete mainly on price and product innovation. For example, aseptic packaging competes with gable-top packaging. Some of the larger firms in the industry are capable of switching production between these substitutes, giving these players a competitive advantage. Product quality is also important for industry firms, particularly the level of durability that their cardboard products have. Companies with large sales contracts, typically for products like cereal boxes and milk cartons, are dependent on the superior quality of their products in order to renew contracts with their clients.
Considering that industry products have a relatively low price tag, and differences in price may not be...