1. How Would You Build and Maintain an Effective Relationship: • with Children • with Young People • with Adults

To build up a friendship that is on an equal footing you would take time to get to know the person or people you are building the relationship with. You would talk with them and probably get to know intimate details about their lives. You may have similar interests that help make communication easier as you have a common ground.
Within a school setting you have a professional role so it is essential that you build strong relationships with children you work with. Building these relationships is not an easy task nor is instant. Thought and effort will have to be put in, in order to build and maintain the relationship with the children. In the long run, this effort will be worthwhile because if you build a strong positive relationship with a child then they will probably:
• Feel they can trust you.
• Form relationship / friendships with others.
• Gain confidence and cope with problems life throws at them.
• Respect you and respond to your direction about how they behave.
The foundation to a good relationship is showing an interest in the child as though they are an individual. Each of us is unique, different from all other people as we have our own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Stereotyping can be the key obstacle to treating each child as an individual. Making assumptions can often lead to inaccuracies. Part of building a relationship is to be prepared for give and take. Show a child that we all make mistakes. If you do something wrong, admit it, apologise and learn from that mistake.   Children’s opinions should be taken seriously, you should listen to what they want and find ways of responding positively to their wants. A relationship with a child changes as they grow into young people and the opportunity for them to take control of more aspects of their lives should be given. Effective relationships are assisted by qualities like punctuality, honesty and consistency.   If you can show the child under your care that you are punctual and will be...