1. Describe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

I am completely new to teaching and after successful completion of this course I will be fulfilling the role of a First Aid Trainer and Assessor. There will be many roles and responsibilities that I need to achieve as part of the Teaching and Training Cycle and according to Essex Works, this consists of the following;

• Identifying needs
• Plan and Design
• Deliver
• Assess
• Evaluate

The cycle doesn’t necessarily have to go in that order, in fact it can start anywhere and can continue indefinitely.

In my role as a trainer with a new group of learners it will be appropriate to start by identifying their learning needs, this will be done by a self-assessment that is based on Neil Fleming’s visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic (VAK) model therefore enabling me to understand the overall personality, preferences and strengths of the class.

I will use the VAK assessment from the learners to help me plan and design the course, however some aspects of the course will remain the same, for example a First Aid at work Course has to be delivered over a minimum of eighteen hours, so this will probably be delivered over three, six hour sessions. The course syllabus will also remain the same and will have no more than twelve learners at one time. The course is always more than likely going to be delivered in a class room environment.

On the first day of the course I will carry out an induction that will start off with an icebreaker, I will initially introduce myself and then get the rest of the class to do the same. Once the class has completed the icebreaker, we will move on to establishing some ground rules, I will do this in a two column format, this will outline what I expect of the students and what they can expect from me.

The course will be delivered in accordance to the VAK results of the leaners but will comprise of listening, watching, practical and theory. As I will be teaching first aid, I will explain to the learners firstly what it is we are...