1 10 Solve This Mystery

Name: Robert M.
Date: 1/11/16

Graded Assignment
Solve This Mystery
Answer the questions below in complete sentences. You will respond to Questions 1 and 2 after reading
Part 1 of “The Case of the Defaced Painting.” You will respond to Questions 3 and 4 after reading Part 2
of the story.
Total score: ____ of 20 points
(Score for Question 1: ___ of 3 points)

What initial facts or clues have you gathered in Part 1 of the story? Be sure to list at least three
important facts or clues.


Claire didn't have her wedding ring on. Plus she is 6 ft. cleaning lady is tiny. house painter has
the same color of paint as the paint that defaced the painting.
(Score for Question 2: ___ of 7 points)

Based on the initial facts of the case, make an inference or an educated guess as to who you believe
is the person guilty of defacing the Andrew Wyeth painting. Explain your reasoning.


I believe that it is Mrs. Williams because she is 6 ft, with the chair that could give her an
additional 2 ft to reach the 8ft high painting. the cleaning lady is too tiny to reach that. I don't
think the house painter is stupid enough to use his own paint to defaced the painting. Not to
mention that Mrs. Williams didn't have her wedding ring on and the fact that she gave away that
she is angry at her husband and tries to hide that emotion, makes it even more obvious that she
did it.
(Score for Question 3: ___ of 3 points)

What additional facts or clues did you gather in Part 2 of the story? State at least three additional
relevant facts or clues you learned in Part 2 of the story.


the indentions don't match the house painter's boots. The paint belongs to Mrs and Mr. Williams.
Mrs. Williams biting her ringless finger.
(Score for Question 4: ___ of 7 points)

Why is Mrs. Williams clearly the guilty party in this case? What motivated her to ruin the Wyeth
painting? Explain how the facts of the case led you to this...