1.1 Define the Key Feature of Effective Team Performance

1.1 Define the key feature of effective team performance

A team is a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. In order for it to be effective it should have a good leader to facilitate shared team processes. There should be clear guidance about the team’s roles, aims and objectives, regular team meetings to discuss these along with policies and procedures to ensure key outcomes are achieved.
The team should be facilitated to interact with each other, share learning experiences, learn from compliments/comments and complaints and adapt /update their practice as required.
The team members also need to feel valued and receive feedback on their work performance.
In my area of work I facilitated regular team meetings and asked each team member to contribute to the agenda. I also allocated time for team members to share learning from recent courses or recent experiences with other colleagues and we reflected on this as a team.
I shared any compliments we received and how the business was functioning in terms of performance standards, I also gained feedback in how we could improve process to ensure that the team felt part of the process rather that just been told what to do.
I also met with the team’s member individually for 1:1 and listened to them and offered positive feedback along with identifying their training and support needs.
Fortnightly I sent out a memo to all staff with relevant updates but also included in this team and individual achievements and team members events or birthdays. I tried to create an open environment for my team to feel a sense of belonging.
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