01 Develop Procedures and Practice to Respond to Concerns and Complaints

1.1.1, 1.1.2
The foundations policies and procedures which relate to the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints within not only Summer House but the whole of the foundation can be found on the Triax website at:
These policies are:
1. 5.8 Representations, Compliments and Complaints Procedure
... register for updates search lscb procedures Size: 5.8 Representations, Compliments and Complaints Procedure REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS STANDARD 1 � The child's wishes and feelings ...
URL: http://www.proceduresonline.com/caldecott/chomes/chapters/p_representations.html
2. 10.1 Monitoring Quality

... to children and staff of the home to ascertain their views, comments and any complaints about the running of the home; Read the Daily Log, records of ...
URL: http://www.proceduresonline.com/caldecott/chomes/chapters/p_monitoring.html
3. 3.2 Key/Linkworker Guidance

... manager or the social worker about how it can be obtained. 3.5 Complaints The Key/Linkworker must ensure the child understands how the complaints procedures work ...
URL: http://www.proceduresonline.com/caldecott/chomes/chapters/p_keyworker.html

4. 1.11 Consultation Policy
... rights they have to formally challenge the decision, and of the availability of the Complaints or Grievance Procedure. Children should also be informed of their right to appoint ...
URL: http://www.proceduresonline.com/caldecott/chomes/chapters/p_consultation_pol.html

5. 8.6 Grievance Procedure
... applicable, employees should speak to HR who will be able to provide guidance. Complaints of bullying or harassment can be pursued under the Harassment and Bullying Policy. ...
URL: http://www.proceduresonline.com/caldecott/chomes/chapters/p_grievance.html

6. 3.3 Sanctions
... the young person by their Placing...